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It was a Saturday 12pm and my central air was blowing but not cold air. I called 5 different companies and none answered or called me back. At 2pm I called Air one and a nice girl answered the phone and told me she could have someone between 4 and 6. 415 the guy showed up and ran through a series of tests. He found that I needed to replace the 25 Year old unit. He was able to get an appointment on the hottest day of the year on Monday 8am. Mike showed up with two other guys and they did an amazing Job. They double checked everything when they were done. Highly recommend to use them.

William Kennedy

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The replacement happened in Jan. ’18 during a record cold spell. During the first visit the tech did a very simple fix to a switch, and not only didn’t charge me, but he also showed me how to do it if I had more problems so I wouldn’t need to wait for a service call. It was a very old system so it actually died within a week. Mike and his team showed up fast, did the install within a day, and they didn’t leave a speck of dust or a scrap of wire behind. Mike was very clear about what needed to be done and what it would cost, and the price was very reasonable. They ran into difficulty installing the unit because it’s an old house but even when they had to drill into the concrete slab the cost didn’t change.

Cheryl Litwinczuk

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Top notch service. Very friendly, straight forward and honest business practice.

Daniel Hansson

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We called Air One because our aging A/C was not working. Mike came and looked at the A/C and told us that we needed a new motor. Mike replaced the motor and the air is, once again, working. Since our system was quite old , we were expecting to be told that we needed to replace our HVAC system. Air One is professional, ethical and were wonderful to work with. We highly recommend them and will definitely call them again!

Kathleen Raymond

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Excellent service, fair pricing, reliable and friendly. Mike and his team have done an excellent job both with my furnace and my AC units. They explain how things work so I can understand how to keep the units running properly and they take real pride in their work. Highly recommended.

Noah Perabo

In the middle of July on a VERY hot day, we called Air One because the ac unit at my parent’s house had completely failed. I spoke to a woman named Denise who was very nice but she couldn’t give me an appointment until the following week. But when I told her my parents were 90 and 92 years old, she went in to high gear and said immediately that she’d have to squeeze them in. I was impressed. She said the company’s owner, Mike, would be by the next morning at 8. Mike showed up right on time and per what another repair person had said (a family friend who couldn’t actually do the job), the unit needed to be replaced. Mike was extremely polite and professional, especially with my parents. Before he left me with the estimate he said he should go say goodbye to my parents, which he did and mom was very impressed. Nice guy. Long story short, it took a day or two for Mike to get the unit, but he installed it promptly for us at a very fair price. I made it a priority to get on here and give a good review. BTW, I’d called 4 other places and left messages and never heard back except one that returned my call a week later. So bottom line, these folks did a great job and were friendly, and fair. And NICE goes a long way in the world. I highly recommend them.

Jonathan Broder