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A/C was not functional, called Air One for help. Technician identified broken connection to control circuit. He was able to quickly fix it. Really glad problem turned out to be small issue.

Excellent Service by the technician, very professional and prompt. Highly recommend their service

Hvac Service

We had an emergency situation – pipe leaking with a flood in our basement – could not get it to stop even with water shut off – Right Once Plumbing came out within an hour of our call on a Saturday. Not only did they diagnosis the problem quickly but they did the repair quickly. Will use and recommend them to friends and family.

Wendy P.

Dennis O’Neill, even if you haven’t met him, is your idea of a plumber who seems too good to be true. Over the years, he and Right One have saved us thousands of dollars through their wisdom and services. He’s also very patient and helpful on the phone, making what seems like an emergency at first into something manageable and sometimes trivial. No question: he’s the guy you want to work with.

Todd P.

A friend recommended them and we needed help with a leaky radiator. Jason came by exactly on time, and spent HOURS looking over the radiators…we had several leaking. He fixed everything…and the price was completely reasonable. Great company. Highly recommend. We’ll be using them again!!

Bethany J.

Want to give these guys a shout out for the help during storm Jonas. It was not plumbing related, however, with the roads badly plowed, i was in the process of shoveling out my driveway with my parents, When one of these guys in a blue pick was driving by. I was going to ask him to plow me a spot, so i could get my car out of the road. He rolled his window down and before i could ask, goes “hey, you need me to make you a spot?” and I said sure! I ran back into the house to grab a few bucks to give him, but he worked quickly and drove away before I had a chance to thank him. Great guy helping out in a pinch! Thanks!

Christopher L.

I just wanted to say thank you and tell you how happy I am with the work you guys did in my house a few weeks ago. Not only did you fix the leak in my shower but my shower itself (water pressure and control of temp) has improved 200%!
Joe was great!!!

Jerry c.

These guys were amazing! My HVAC unit blew out my circuit breaker box and they came right away, diagnosed the problem, and didn’t stop working until everything was finally fixed at 2am (on a Saturday too!). Ralph was great and professional, always keeping us informed of the progress and going the extra mile to make sure we were able to get the right parts and get the repairs done as quickly as possible. I would definitely use these guys again.

Jared T.

This is my 2nd review regarding David’s service. He first came 1/10/14 and the problem was apparently fixed when he left; however, around 9:00pm I noticed the boiler was off again. I called him at that time and he was back home within an hour. I thought he was still on duty, but no, he left his home to come fix the problem. He did not want me to be without heat. Unfortunately, he could not fix it that day because he needed to order a part which he ended up picking it up himself in NJ. Once he installed the part everything has been great.
There are no words to describe his thoughtfulness and caring to make sure I get the best service possible. He treated this situation as if he was servicing a close relative. Guys like David are not easy to find, so I feel blessed to know I can count on him next time I have a problem.

Magaly L.

Ralph came immediately!!!! He probably saved our lives. I initially hired a cheap guy who left matches all over the furnace.
He explained exactly what he was doing so I could understand the furnace.
I highly recommend this company. Easy ,great communication , and professional.

Anastasia E.

This company was great for fixing electrical issues in two ceiling fans in my apartment.

When I called, they provided a quote that was reasonable (when compared to other places I called) and as a new customer, fit me into their busy schedule within 48 hours.

I would also recommend the electrician who stopped by, Ralph, who was prepared (even brought a replacement receiver for the fan) and professional. He would walked me through what he was doing constantly and was not pushy. He identified that the fans were improperly wired immediately and worked quickly to fix the issue.

I hope that I don’t have additional electrical issues, but will call NYC Electricians if I do.

Elliot S.